🐡Life story

In the wonderful kingdom of Primatea, the BoredApe, curious and intelligent monkeys, were determined to find a new source of green energy for their world. In their secret laboratory, they worked tirelessly to discover a solution that could power the entire universe.

One day, during a crucial experiment, something went terribly wrong. A massive explosion of energy enveloped them, and the BoredApe transformed into MutantApe, a new race gifted with amazing abilities. With glowing eyes and sharp claws, their DNA was genetically modified by the mysterious energy.

Initially scared by their new form, the MutantApe began to explore their abilities. They soon realized that these new abilities could be used to protect Primatea and her enchanting nature.

The other tribes of Primatea watched with amazement and admiration the MutantApe putting their abilities at the service of the kingdom.

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