🌐Ecosystem Introduction

At the beating heart of our ecosystem shines a fundamental keyword: sustainability. This word is the very essence of success, be it spectacular NFTs or tokens.

BASC and MASC holders will have privileged access to our three core services: the DAO, staking and raffles. But here is our ingenious revolution: we are not content with a trivial on-chain token. No, we aim beyond that, introducing our off-chain token, the StakingPoints ($SP).

$SP will be the fulcrum on which our ecosystem will rise. Holders of $SP can open the door to a world of possibilities, obtaining NFTs through raffles or enjoying discounts on future merchandise.

The future is carved into our StakingPoints, where sustainability is intertwined with enthusiasm, technology embraces art, and community becomes the driving force. Join us as we shape a world where together we build a bridge to new frontiers of excellence.

DAO Voting Platform

To achieve full decentralization, the implementation of a voting platform is crucial. This platform enables the community to participate in decision-making processes, fostering a democratic environment and ensuring that major project decisions are made collectively. The decision-making power that each holder will have will be based on the quantity of NFTs they own. The more NFTs you have, the more decision-making power you will have.


Unlike traditional staking models, BoredApeSuiClub proposes Discord staking as a unique concept. Community members can lock their NFTs and earn rewards without needing to list or surrender ownership of their assets. Discord staking enhances user experience by offering a more convenient and interactive platform for staking.

Ruffle Platform

The Ruffle platform will host regular auctions where BoredApeSuiClub and other NFT projects are made available. By participating in Ruffle, the project aims to reduce listings and promote delisting, leading to an increase in Staking Points (SP). These points can be utilized to purchase NFTs or acquire discounts for future merchandising.

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