We are pleased to introduce our Staking, an exciting new feature within the Bored Ape Sui Club, NFT's prestigious collection that offers a unique and exclusive experience. In addition to owning one of these lovely and rare BoredApe/MutantApe, you can now take advantage of additional privileges and opportunities through the staking process.

NFTs Check and SP Points:

NFTs checking will take place every 60 minutes. Each BoredApe/MutantApe owner will automatically receive 1 SP every 12 hours. These SP points represent your involvement and support for the Bored Ape Sui Club collection.


We have introduced progressive multipliers to reward the most loyal owners:

10 NFT: Multiplier x1.10
20 NFT: Multiplier x1.25
30 NFT: Multiplier x1.50
50 NFT: Multiplier x1.75

The more BoredApe/MutantApe you own, the higher the multiplier and the more SP points you earn every 12 hours.

Formula for Calculating Additional SP Points per NFT:

If you own a BoredApe/MutantApe in your wallet, you will earn 1 SP every 12 hours. The formula to calculate the additional SP points for each Apes is:

Additional SP Points = (Number of Apes)^0.5

Equity and Involvement:

The Bored Ape Sui Club is committed to ensuring equity and involvement for all BoredApe/MutantApe holders. Our community will have the opportunity to participate in decisions regarding future prize and incentive distributions.

Important Note:

Bored Ape Sui Club does not involve any draws or snapshots. There will be no interruption in the disbursement of SP points for the Apes that you hold, if you sell or transfer others. BoredApe/MutantApe ownership will grant you SP points every 12 hours, and multipliers will reward your loyalty.

Thank you for being part of the Bored Ape Sui Club and our exclusive collection of NFTs. We are excited to share this unique experience with you and look forward to the future with excitement as our collection grows.

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